Welcome, loyal fans and listeners of WOSO Radio

As many of you know, as of the 21st of October 2014, WOSO Radio has been off the air and the silence is deafening. This wasn’t a decision made by choice but rather the result of a series of unfortunate events that led to what we hope is a temporary cease of operations. After almost 40 years, a great lot has been said and a good deal more remains to be shared. Nevertheless, much as we would like to convey how we yearn to talk and discuss all the news and events of the day with you, our audience, the right words fail us.

Many of you miss us too and have kindly let us know through numerous calls and emails where one main question resonates loudly: will WOSO be back on the air and, if so, when? At this time the answer may rest largely upon you. If you can’t bear the silence, join us in our efforts to save WOSO: you can help by committing to contribute $10 a month for 12 months, or make a one-time donation of $100 in order for WOSO to get roaring again and back on the air.

Everyone who generously pledges to assist will in turn receive a monthly WOSO newsletter filled with updates and intelligent analysis on PR’s current situations on subjects such as the economy, status, education, etc..

Said bulletin will be penned and organized by WOSO’s own President, Sherman Wildman, who will be sharing the unique perspective and opinions many of you have come to value and trust.

For every $10 donated, WOSO will reward the giver with $20 of advertising and radio announcements for the entity, company or business in question. Each donor will also receive an official letter establishing the contributor as part of the certified elite and sophisticated network of WOSO Radio followers.

Thank you for caring and for your individual support. We are deeply grateful for every single contribution as each is essential at present. Another way to help out is by spreading the word to corporations that would be interested in announcing their offerings during our scheduled programming, given that WOSO’s long-term success must still depend on sponsor advertising and promotions. If you’d like to receive full details of WOSO’s programming, audience profile and promotion concepts & rates, submit your company’s name, telephone number and email and we will get back to you immediately. Together, we will get WOSO up & running again and bring back the radio roar!